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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Whatever happens, Happens

I will try rolling with the incoming waves today, for I might not be in control as much as I wish. Instead of pushing my agenda, I will loosen the reins and see where the day goes. It may seem pointless to waste energy, but I don't judge things only by production right now. Instead, I'll give myself permission to relax and just enjoy the experience -- whatever happens ...happens.

With the tarot cards "The Seven of Pentacles" card suggests that I should use a brief break to assess and make adjustments to my priorities or my relationship. I can also simply capture the moment and admire or consider the progress I've made. Much may depend on the full maturation of this matter, so I'll be patient and persevere without rushing to judgment. Reminding myself of the purpose of what I heck am I doing. There is much work ahead, but the time is not yet ripe for me to act. I won't assume anything or meddle, but let nature take its course. I'll stick to tending my own backyard and my own interest will flourish and give back to me sevenfold. I won't hurry, for shortcuts at this point could spoil my chances.

I signed up to a couple more communities yesterday. Active Rain, Zorpia and Yuwie, if your into any of these groups, add me as a friend if you like.

Also I am in a community called AC Associate Content, The peoples media. Check it out when you get a chance...and read my poetry. Thanks

Have a Happy 2008 first of January, another year behind us.

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