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Monday, January 7, 2008

Suppressing my desires

If I could snap my fingers and make the life of my
dreams instantly appear, exactly what would that life look
like? While I'm working so diligently to move forward, do
I have a clear and detailed definition of where I intend
to go?

An essential part of achieving what I desire is to know
exactly what it is. Unfortunately, the people and events in
my world often discourage and dissuade I'm seriously
considering my own ideas for what life at its best can be.

If I'm not diligent about exploring and clarifying I'm
own authentic desires, the world will impose its
pre-packaged, shallow and empty desires upon my life. This
can leave me frustrated, discouraged and unfulfilled as I
strive to work toward goals that have no real meaning for

On a regular basis, allow my desires to come bubbling to
the surface, so I can more fully understand them and
connect with them. Enjoy the fact that there are things for
which I truly long, and know that there is a path to every
one of them.

Let your vision of what life can be pull I consistently
toward its fulfillment. When I'm clear about what I
seek and why, I'll gain access to the resources and the
strategies that will enable me to achieve it.

Instead of suppressing my desires or placing judgments on
them, make myself more and more familiar with their
substance. Put real meaning in my life by giving life and
energy to the things that mean most to me.

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