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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Geez Louise

Geez Louise...Talk about confusing, I had to drive to Paradise, which is a town only 20 minutes from where I live for my daughters homeschooling class. She got angry at me for everything under the sun, then I dropped her off at her sisters apartment, as I dropped her off she said she was sorry and acted like nothing happened. Teenagers act like they are going through menopause, I am the one that is going through menopause...whatz the deal..? But I turned to her a said "Enough". and she just stopped...anywho, I went over to my boyfriends house to make some calls and E-bay calls and says they needed a payment. Well my pay pal account told me when I called for them to send me a new debit card, said that my account had 30 dollars in it, and the payment to pay off the E-bay account was 27.37. The last time I checked it only had 13 dollars. So I went online and made the payment of 27 dollars to E-bay because they were getting ready to close my account and it was accepted. Payment was accepted, but it wasn't showing my balance, what the heck? I don't want my pay pal closed because of their error...I guess I should breathe now that its over and one less bill to pay, an unexpected bill at that.

I think that I might be selling crocheted afghans on E-bay to make some money. I am in the process of making 2 right now, but I am just not quite happy with the colors I have in yarn and I have no money to buy any. The afghans I am crocheting have the popcorn flower in the center of the granny square. I've made one and gave it to my Mom for her birthday and I didn't think it turned out ok, but she said it was beautiful, so I'm happy that she's happy with it.

The popcorn stitch in the middle of the granny square.

This is a diagram of the popcorn stitch.

So I crochet during the evening by the wood stove most every evening, and its a good thing to do if I wake up early, early...if its not to cold because my hands are

I called on a couple of homeless shelters that I might check into until I receive more money from the workers compensation, it doesn't really sound that bad, but neither my kids or my boyfriend want me to, I am still considering it...

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