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Thursday, January 31, 2008


“Pipppy,” who said she is usually homeless but not right now, stands in a parking lot beside the new drop-in center at 130 W. Sixth St., where the annual census was set up Wednesday to gather information from the area’s
homeless. “These are my ‘road-dogg’ pants,” the 17-year-old teen said. (Bill Husa/Enterprise-Record)

I thought I'd post the local new from the Chico Enterprise Record news paper because it speaks out the homeless, which explains my position. I am certainly staying with my boyfriend but still homeless, which means I have no home and my belongings are in storage. My income went from 2,000 a month to 555 a month. I was evicted from my apartment which was only 450 a month, but workers comp stopped payments and my permanent disability ran out. I apply for welfare, food stamps and it took them 2 months for me to receive it. I've never been in this situation before, but now that I am, I look at life in a whole different way.

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