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Friday, January 25, 2008

Bidwell Park

Photos of the Bidwell Park in the town in which I live in, click on the images to make them larger;

This is a photo of the swimming pool in the lower Bidwell park called the one mile.

A swimming hole called the Bear hole is where we use to go up to swim.

Looking an overview of the upper Bidwell park

Beautiful Upper Bidwell Park is where we use to go up to, to party.

This map is to show you that the park runs through the town of Chico.

Bidwell Mansion is the mansion that the original pioneers settled and claimed Bidwell park and Chico.

Click on image to make larger on all of these photos, this is a picture of the upper park looking down.

Above are some pictures of the park that runs through our town of Chico. Bidwell Park was established in 1905.
Bidwell Park Website.

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