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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Moving forward

I sit and write as poitive as I can but reading writing and re-reading again needs to set in. I pray for a direction for my life and I keeping ending up in this dark hole. I wrote a little in my diary last night after my boyfriend blew up at me. I posted it in my blog "When Life Becomes a Book."

I feel like I'm stuck, in many ways that's a positive
sign. It means I'm eager to get moving.

My feeling of being stuck shows that there's somewhere I
truly would like to go, and I'm ready for some real
progress. It means I'm highly motivated, and that's a
powerful state to be in.

Instead of focusing on the particular problem of the moment
that's making me feel stuck, I have to step back and look at the big
picture. Recall the reasons why I originally chose to be
on this path in the first place.

Most likely, the challenge I am facing right now is
trivial compared to the goal I've set for myself. I just have to put
things in perspective and I'll realize that what's really
keeping me stuck and is not the situation itself but rather
my response to it.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I need to choose to start working my
way through the challenge one step at a time. There is a
little bit I can do now, a little bit of progress I can
make later, and bit by bit I'll make my way through.

I should take advantage of the frustration I feel, and redirect the
energy of that frustration into positive, thoughtful action.
I'll soon be looking back on this moment with the grateful
realization that I just cleared a major hurdle and I am
quickly moving forward again.

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