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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


A gentle, loving, inner peace and silence is here and now in this moment. It has always been this way. It is always here. It is right here within you and all around you, a stillness, an apparent void, a seeming nothingness out of which everything arises, exists, and eventually returns.

You know this. You have felt this.

There is nothing more than this.

You are this.

This is truth.

This silence is right here in you, every single moment of your life.

This pure silence contains you, your being-ness and yet the silence is your very being.

This silence allows the entire universe to be.

All existence, everything that is, all matter and energy, all thought is contained in this silence.

This pure silence is what some have called Truth, Infinity, Reality, Enlightenment, Nothingness, God, Great or Holy Spirit, The Now, True Self, I am, Consciousness and Love.

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Fifty Greatest Artist of all time

The Immortals Photo

It is a fundamental lesson in the history of rock & roll and its continuing power to inspire and transform. The Immortals is a tribute to those who created rock & roll, written by their peers and heirs, those who have learned from their innovations, struggles and legacies. MORE

1) The Beatles by Elvis Costello

2) Bob Dylan by Robbie Robertson

3) Elvis Presley by Bono

4) The Rolling Stones by Steven Van Zandt

5) Chuck Berry by Joe Perry

6) Jimi Hendrix by John Mayer

7) James Brown by Rick Rubin

8) Little Richard by Little Richard

9) Aretha Franklin by Jerry Wexler

10) Ray Charles by Van Morrison

11) Bob Marley by Wyclef Jean

12) The Beach Boys by Lindsey Buckingham

13) Buddy Holly by John Mellencamp

14) Led Zeppelin by Dave Grohl

15) Stevie Wonder by Elton John

16) Sam Cooke by Art Garfunkel

17) Muddy Watters by Billy Gibbons

18) Marvin Gaye by Smokey Robinson

19) The Velvet Underground by Julian Casablancas

20) Bo Diddley by Iggy Pop

21) Otis Redding by Steve Cropper

22) U2 by Chris Martin

23) Bruce Springsteen by Jackson Browne

24) Jerry Lee Lewis by Moby

25) Fats Domino by Dr. John

26) The Ramones by Lenny Kaye

27) Nirvana by Vernon Reid

28) Prince by Ahmir Thompson

29) The Who by Eddie Vedder

30) The Clash by The Edge

31) Johnny Cash by Kris Kristofferson

32) Smokey Robinson and the Miracles by Bob Seger

33) The Everly Brothers by Paul Simon

34) Neil Young by Flea

35) Michael Jackson by Antonio "LA" Reid

36) Madonna by Britney Spears

37) Roy Orbison by K.D. Lang

38) John Lennon by Lenny Kravitz

39) David Bowie by Lou Reed

40) Simon and Garfunkel by James Taylor

41) The Doors by Marilyn Manson

42) Van Morrison by Peter Wolf

43) Sly and the Family Stone by Don Was

44) Public Enemy by Adam Yauch

45) The Byrds by Tom Petty

46) Janis Joplin by Rosanne Cash

47) Patti Smith by Shirley Manson

48) Run-DMC by Chuck D

49) Elton John by Billy Joel

50) The Band by Lucinda Williams

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

A bit of humor

A bit of humor is always nice;







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