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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hypnosis Certification Training Class

Registration Fee: $2000

Location: Campbell, CA

To register for the Hypnosis Certification Training Class, please visit or call 408-376-2122

Students are responsible for their own transportation, lodging and meals

World Renowned Spiritual Teacher, Psychic and pioneer in the art of Hypnosis, Sylvia Browne has been using Hypnosis as a spiritual tool to help people heal for over 45 years.

Sylvia’s hypnotherapists will train YOU to use her time proven hypnosis techniques

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that has been used by healers, priests and shamans since antiquity, to aid in physical, emotional and spiritual healing. By bridging the gap between body, mind and spirit, hypnotists assist the subject in making positive life changes. Now YOU can learn to use this incredible spiritual tool!

The Sylvia Browne Hypnosis Training Center will teach you to hypnotize yourself and others using the methods as taught to her hypnotherapists by Sylvia Browne.

By combining theory and practical experience, students can develop and nurture their innate ability to harness and access this powerful and ancient healing tool. This powerful tool can be used to help yourself and others heal through; past-life regressions, cell memory healing, behavioral modification, and guided meditation. Training will be an intensive program combining traditional classroom instruction, multimedia resources and real life application.

The Sylvia Browne Hypnosis Training Classes focus on teaching you to hypnotize others to aid them in their spiritual journey. While hypnosis can and should be used as a tool to aid yourself, the focus of these classes are to teach YOU to be a professional and competent hypnotherapist!

What our Students are saying…

“Wow! And, double-wow!! What an awesome course! I can’t think of a better step I could have taken to promote love, healing and heightened awareness in my life- ultimately empowering myself! …”

“As a result of my practicum at SBHTC (thus far) I no longer smoke, am losing weight, and have begun to address anxiety issues that have long been holding me back. Thank you for helping me see, for setting me free…”

“For those of you considering this wonderful hypnotherapy course: Congratulations! Do not hesitate. I highly recommend it!”

Holly D

“… this Social Worker proudly announces that the above listed training was, by far, the best received to date. The course was professionally delivered rich with theory, tools for application, and research to back the practice of hypnotherapy. What distinguishes the SBHTC is the positive, loving, supportive compassionate environment generated by the faculty. Overall rating for this course: SUPERIOR.”

Lorna M. O. LICSW CMT, MS, USA Social Work Officer

“I have come away feeling very prepared and confident at conducting hypnosis. You have obviously done your job at conveying the information that I feel this way. Thank you.”

Pamela G.

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