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Saturday, July 26, 2008


Of course it's difficult. That's what makes it so valuable.

The time, effort and commitment you put into reaching the
goal have their own rewards, over and above the achievement
itself. They make you stronger, more disciplined, and more

When great effort is called for, great opportunities abound.
When challenges and difficulties surround you, there is much
value to be created.

Instead of cursing the need for sustained and focused
effort, be genuinely thankful for the chance. For you are
designed and equipped to get things done, and life is
superbly rewarding when you do.

When difficult work is called for, step quickly forward with
enthusiasm. It is truly your moment to shine, to grow, and
to create according to your best expectations.

Run toward the challenges. It is in those challenges that
you will fulfill your greatest dreams.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Small decisions are vitally important. Because they're the
ones that keep you on track.

The big, momentous decisions set the direction for your
life. And the small, everyday decisions are what enable you
to maintain that direction.

Small decisions are easy to make. Unfortunately, they are
just as easy to ignore.

Pay attention and take active, intentional control of the
small decisions. You'll quickly experience great power in
their cumulative influence.

The big decisions are expressions of your commitments. The
small, moment-by-moment decisions give life and substance to
those commitments.

Give careful thought and consideration to the big decisions.
Then use the hundreds of small decisions you make each day
to bring those big decisions to life.

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