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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Diabetic Tactics to Try

Tactics To Try
If too-frequent vending machines stops are sabotaging your meal plan or weight-control efforts, consider these tips.
1. Don’t even look at the vending machines. Whether in the office or at the recreation center, avoid the visual cues of vending machines by taking an alternate route.
2. Minimize your visits. You’re a regular, set goals to cut your vending machine visits from 5 a week to 3, then fewer. The result; spare change in your pocket and less sodium, fat, and refined carbs in your stomach.
3. Plan your purchase. Make your mind up about what to buy before you face the onslaught of tempting packages.
4. Stash healthful snacks and beverages. Keep packages of sugar-free cocoa, vegetables juice, 100 calorie snack packs, or individual packages of trail mix in your desk, bag, or locker.
5. Think through what and where you’ll eat. For busy days, pack a balanced meal to keep your blood glucose on an even keel.
Low blood glucose;
If your blood glucose is below 70mg/dl and glucose gel isn’t handy, reach for one of these (about 15 grams of carbs each): 4 ounces sugary soda or fruit juice, 7 small hard candies, or 10 fruit snacks. Eat, wait 15 minutes, then retest.
Not for low blood glucose;
Diet sodas will not raise blood glucose. Chocolate candy bars contain carbs, but the fat delays their release into your system. And who needs excess fat?
Resource; Diabetic Living (fall 2008)

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