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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Sometimes being smart just isn't enough

It has been said that God has placed obvious limits on our intelligence, but none whatsoever on our stupidity. Certainly there have been times in my own when that to be the case.

In a way it's unfortunate that God has set things up in this manner, since we're living in an age when intelligence is so critically important to determining our fate. Think about the vast number of challenges we face in today's world. We've still got all the age old problems to deal with, problems with the heart,problems with the spirit, problems of love, and war and honor, and duty.Those problems have always been with us and will continue right on to the end of time. But addition to them, we've got a slew of other issues to contend with that our grandparents never dreamed of. The technology explosion and computer revolution of the last century have radically changed the entire socioeconomic landscape.

Today, it's not enough to figure out what you want to do for a living, whom you want should marry, and where you're going to live, you also have to know the answers to the questions like " how can I hold a full time job and be a good mother at the same time?" "How can I get out of all my credit debt?" "How can I keep my children from smoking, drinking,having sex, and trying drugs, when I know their friends are doing those things?" How can I bond with my children when all their interested in is videos, computer games, chatting with friends and doing their own things?"

The list goes on and on. It would be wonderful if we could just push a button and get all the answers. But of course we can't. We have to go searching, we have to read books, listen to CD's, go to seminars, consult with experts. We have to educate ourselves about practically everything in life, because life has become so very complicated. But do you know the problem with the strategy? it5 doesn't always work! In fact, sometimes it can leave the opposite effect. So you just go on the best you can, dealing with problems as they arise and breathe and don't forget the most important thing is to pray and keep in-touch with your inner peace, which may seem to be hiding at times.

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1 comment:

Footsteps said...

Excellent insights... Our complicated lives make it sooo easy to get swamped by the day-to-day! We put off the big stuff until we can catch up on petty details that have no long-term significance. I speak as a totally guilty party who has to do daily walk-by-the-laundry-already readjustments! Writing, praying,and running help me regain perspective, but what a battle it is!