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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Staying positively focused

Even when you are thoroughly committed to staying positively
focused, life can get in the way. Though you may have the
best of intentions, there will be times when you veer off
course as a result of your own actions.

When that happens, don't beat yourself up about it. Just
recognize it, accept it, learn from it, and get moving again
in a positive direction.

Winners and losers will both stumble. The difference is,
winners have learned to quickly get back up.

If you make a mistake, or lose your temper, or allow
yourself to become distracted, it's normal and natural, and
not the end of the world. Though it is painful when you've
disappointed yourself, you have the opportunity to make
something positive out of that pain.

It is indeed a good thing to realize that what you have just
done was not the best choice. For now you can move forward
with a renewed and stronger determination.

When you know you've stumbled, decide to recover quickly.
Soon you'll be moving ahead even faster than before.

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