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Sunday, January 20, 2008

A normal spiritual living

A normal spiritual living is a life of living before God. When praying, one can quiet his heart before God, and through praying he seeks the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, knows the word of God, and can understand the intention of God.

Through eating and drinking the word of God, he can become clearer about and better understand what God wants to do at present, and can find new ways to practice and will not stick to the old. All that he practices is for attaining growth in life.

For example, when he prays, his purpose is not to say a few pleasant words or to have a good cry before God to show his indebtedness, but to exercise to use his spirit, to quiet his heart before God, and to exercise to seek guidance in everything, so that his heart can be attracted by fresh light every day and he will not be negative or lazy, entering the right track of practicing the word of God.

Now most people pay attention to practices, and their purpose is not to pursue the truth so as to attain growth in life. This is their deviation. Some people can receive the new light, but their practices remain unchanged.

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