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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Crocheting the rose stitch

Yesterday I mentioned that I wanted to learn how to do the rose stitch crocheting in my blog called "When Life Becomes a Book". I tried the stitch last night and got frustrated and gave up. Some of the abbreviation's I could understand like tr? whats tr? then I email the woman how runs the site for crocheting and she said it was the treble stitch. I didn't know even how to do it. But today I am going to try another one thats not so complicated. I've been doing the popcorn stitch and I am totally addicted to it because now I can do it so good, but it took me so long to comprehend the instructions to finally get it down into my brain.

I posted a broadcast in BlogLog Catalog and so far no responses, do you ever feel invisible? I'm feeling invisible

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