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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Waiting to meet him there

As she walks down a path, a path she had walked so many times through her life, she feels the breeze brush through her hair, and the sound of nature everywhere. She carries a basket in her arms and fills it with wildflowers and her favorite vine clippings to place on her dining table as an arrangement to stare at and smell the scent during her meals, most everyday.

She walks the same path each morning, but picks different flowers and vines, what could possibly be so different for her on this day seemingly so much like every other day. She still hears the birds whispering in the trees, leafs wrestling from the breeze, and the sound of nature everywhere. Then out of nowhere, it seemed, out comes a handsome man walking toward her. She thinks and darts behind a tree to be safe, where she can watch him, but he saw her there. Approaching her he says, "don't be afraid, an angel sent me this way, please come out". She peeks around the tree and sees him still standing there. And slowly speaks with softness through the air "why should I believe you and why should I even care?" The gentlemen spoke once again "because angels never lie, and the angel told me that you had dreamt of me in your dreams" .She questioned him again "why should I believe you and why should I even care?" He stated that "if you look me into the eyes and press your lips upon mine, you will know the angel tells no lies". She glances at him and says " perhaps some other day" as she sneaks back behind the tree. He says, "that he may not be here tomorrow, or even any other day". She returns a message and says, "then, I will have to take that chance, and if I dream of you this evening, I will know its you I've dreamt of, and I will return to you". He mentions that "it might be too late". She crept away, down the path, and as she walked she kept looking back. She needed to remember his face, so that she would see if he comes into her dreams. He remained standing there until he began to be out of sight.

The next morning she rose, stretching with a smile upon her face, she had dreamt of him, and she could not forget his face. She needed to hurry to meet him there, so she hurried gathering she basket and darted out the door. Walking across and down the same path, skipping the flowers and vines she had picked in the past. Approaching the same place as she was just yesterday. She decided she rest onto the soft grass that laid most everywhere. She had gotten there to early and she thought of resting her eyes, but she fell into a deeper sleep then she had realized. She dreamt of him in her dream and saw her approaching him. Without words she stared within his eyes and softly touched his lips with hers, and "Awe! She said you are the one that the angel had sent, you have entered my dreams so many times before, but never like this, this is truly bliss, I wish to never awake from this, your lips are so soft as they meet with mine. I am wishing they'd never depart, my heart has attached itself to yours".

So she had awoke and noticed the time, it had started getting late, and she need to walk back before the sun went down. She thought to herself that maybe tomorrow he might possibly be there. She skipped off, back within her house with a grin upon her face, knowing she'll dream of him this very night, and couldn't wait to meet him there. She quickly dressed for bed and fell into a sleep, and met him once again into her deep sleep she'll always know she will meet him there with their soft lips touching every night, and there is always the possibility that tomorrow he might be there.


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1 comment:

politispittas said...

Your writing flows like water among rocks it’s sensitive but sharp its dark with light well hidden inside.