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Thursday, December 13, 2007

My youngest daughter has to have surgery

My youngest daughter will be having surgery as soon as the insurance clears and gives its ok to have it. Her jaw, she has an under bite and her teeth are not setting right. They don't meet together so that she can chew properly, only three of her teeth touch to chew food, and I didn't know that her teeth were that bad. But the surgery will correct that and then she will finally get her braces like she has been bugging me to get them taken care of for a couple of years. Her cousin had the same situation as her, and she also had to have surgery and braces, hope it works out correctly, the dentist or orthopedic dentist said their wouldn't be any problems. I posted some pictures of Michellie, see if you notice about her jaw.

Peace !!!

With this picture you can tell how her lower jaw extents outward.

The surgery won't be until after Christmas and New Years day.

Cute picture of her last year.

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Windyridge said...

She;s a pretty girl. Good luck with the surgery. My older son had braces, jaw widener and top and bottom braces. Three years of it. Glad it's over.

Mee mOe said...

thank you for stopping by...;)

LadyBanana said...

Hope the surgery goes well and makes chewing easier for her... She certainly is a very pretty girl!