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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Breast Implants

I would like some advice on breast implants, I have always desired larger breast even know my boyfriend seems to think I will run off with a younger man. This discussion is also men included on how they feel about it if their woman got breast implants, would you agree to approve for your woman to have breast implants if it were to allow your woman to feel whole like a complete woman? I feel less of a woman because of my breast size and really, I don't think the man has much to say but I do want all of your input on this topic.

I have a friend that had breast implants and she loves them, but she has double "D's" all I want is a standard size to make me feel whole like a standard C-D cup I guess they call it a baby D cup. I wonder if it would be hard to find a bra size that size. I will have to get financed through one of them, I heard that the best Doctor is Doctor Lee in Sacramento, I am going to check it out
later today and maybe post something in another one of my blogs about the research. Check out my many blogs I have posted below. Thanks and have a great day !!!

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1 comment:

LadyBanana said...

I certainly do not need implants, I have more than enough for both of us! However I would be very wary of having this kind of surgery..

Do plenty of research and be careful!