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Monday, December 3, 2007

The most expensive house in the world

More than 70million pounds to be the owner of the most expensive house in the world. That’s not too bad, aye? Pocket change as far as I’m concerned. However, I've checked through various sources and apparently 2 houses in the UK sold for a rumored 70million pounds, so I guess there are 2 houses that can be considered the most expensive house in the world. Updown Court. You’ll need a spare 1million pounds a year just to run this damn thing.

t’s located 25 miles outside of London. Among the estate’s neighbours are the Duchess of York, Elton John, and, at nearby Windsor Castle, the Queen. So, what exactly would you get for your money? Well, you know, just the basics This the front view.

# 103 rooms
# five swimming pools
# 50-seat screening room
# 24-carat-gold leafing flooring
# squash court
# bowling alley
# all-weather, floodlit tennis courts
# 58-acre estate
# 22 bedroom and bathroom suites
# Gate lodge
# estate manager’s office
# Private cinema
# Stables
# Heated marble driveway
# Underground garaging for eight limousines
# a shooting gallery
# 30 self-contained luxury apartments

Don’t be silly. The master bedroom has its own swimming pool accessed by a private glass lift. The roof has an infinity pool and hot tub encased by a glass barrier that allowed sky and water to meet. The reception hall occupies a footprint larger than most five-bedroom houses. It is dominated by marble columns and a sweeping double staircase modelled on one owned by fashion designer Versace.

So, who owns this little shack?
Apparently the proud owner of Updown Court is multi-billionaire crown prince of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The racehorse owner, who already owns a property in Chertsey in Surrey, is expected to entertain official guests at the mansion.

Stairway inside.

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LadyBanana said...

Hey!! What's my house doing online...LOL

Wow, just wow! Mind you it's not a bit homely and I'd be scared in there at night if I was alone, but then I guess you'd have the servants!

Anonymous said...

just wow that house is too big but wen you have got the money why not id love to buy it but im not a billionare it just blows your mind away and i congradulate who ever built it bacause it is just amazing