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Monday, August 23, 2010

Carb-Protien Snack Combos

It takes a bit of detective work to sort out the causes of high and low blood glucose and to determine your best eating, exercise, and medication strategies. If your best glucose numbers are unpredictable, eating similar amounts of foods at similar times each day and keeping accurate records will help you and your health care provider identify trends and guide adjustments to your treatment plan. Eating randomly makes it hard to see trends and to control blood glucose levels.

Energy Boosters

Snack Combos

If you choose to snack,
consider these carbohydrate-protien combos;

Half a cup of cantaloupe
Half a cup of cottage cheese


1 small slice apple
12 almonds


half a cup carrot sticks
2 tablespoons hummus


Half a cup banana slices
1 teaspoon peanut butter


1 small apple
1 string cheese

Logging information about your
meals and blood sugars
is a helpful way to see trends.

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