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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Grocery Store Survival Guide

Start at the store's perimeter (where you'll typically find diabetes-friendly foods) and follow these simple tips.

1. Fill up on produce;
Fruits and veggies are fiber-rich, healthful carb sources. Worried about waste? Buy precut amounts from the salad bar.
2. Go for the grains;
In the cereal, bread, and pasta aisles, look for "Whole Grain" at the top of the ingredients list. Opt for foods that provide 3 grams or more of dietary fiber per serving.
3.Lean toward lean meats;
Look for beef and pork loin cuts and poultry breast meat- they contain less fat than other cuts.
4. Snack smart;
Look for snacks that offer calorie savings and nutritional value. If you can't resist a high-calorie treat, buy it in 100 calorie packs and eat only one serving.
5. Choose wisely;
"Sugar-free" doesn't mean carbohydrate and calorie-free. Check the label first.
6. Spice it up;
Enjoy the variety of spices and salt-free seasonings available. Spices and herbs are calorie-free ways to add flavor and bypass harmful sodium.
7. Keeps cans on hand;
Canned no-sugar added fruits and no-salt added vegetables are as nutritious as fresh. Rinse and drain regular canned veggies to reduce sodium.
8. Catch some Fish;
Many fish offer heart healthy fats. Avoid frozen fish with breading and butter sauces. Buy canned fish packed in water.
9. Frozen is fine;
Look for "no salt added" or "low sodium" on the package. Avoid frozen foods with sauces- they contain more fat and sodium.
10. Look for low fat diary;
Buy fat-free milk and yogurt and reduced fat cheese. Skip sweetened diary foods such as fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt, which contains added sugar.

Ready, Set, Go

Plan meals for this week, make a shopping list, and head to your friendly neighborhood market.

Money Matters

Buying better-for-you foods need not bust your budget. A lot of new foods are more expensive, but the nutritional value is better.

Be Predictable

At first, it's helpful to stick to a small selection of foods. You'll learn their counts and how they effect your blood sugar levels. Then branch out.

Small Changes

Concentrate on section of the store each shopping trip. Read labels and make a master list of products that work for you.

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