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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

49ers Defeat Minnesota in Preseason

Defeat Minnesota in

Being back on the field again meant plenty to Brett Favre, no matter if it was only for a few minutes.
No matter that he completed one pass and also got clobbered on a sack that lost Minnesota 10 yards.
Favre's highly anticipated first game back with the Vikings lasted all of four unspectacular plays and one series in a 15-10 loss to the 49ers in a nationally televised preseason game Sunday at Candlestick Park, the only NFL show of the night.
Favre completed a 13-yard pass to Adrian Peterson on his first play from scrimmage but was sacked by Pro Bowl linebacker Patrick Willis two plays later and the Vikings wound up punting. The 40 year old quarterback took the field just four days after his first training camp practice of the year.He decided to return for a 20th season and make yet another run at the Super Bowl.
Alex Smith, Favre's 49ers counterpart, went 9 of 13 for 88 yards in a solid first half. Willis had four tackles playing only nine snaps.
After that single series, Favre headed to the bench and gave way to backup Tarvaris Jackson who had been in line to be starter before Jared Allen, Ryan Longwell and Steve Hutchinson flew to Mississippi early last week to recruit Favre back to the Twin Cities. Favre sporting a 5-o'clock Shadow peppered with gray, could be seen laughing on the sideline in the second half.
Coach Brad Childress had planned to give Favre 10 plays, but that changed when it took so long for the Vikings offense to finally get on the field.
Smith Bounced back stumbling through a subpar outing in which he completed 3 of 9 passes for 37 yards and only two first downs in a win at Indianapolis. David Carr and Nate Davis rallied the niners to 37-17 victory.

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