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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Things to think about

Instead of trying to criticize other people, I'll concentrate on improving my own life today. I'll try not to hurt people by what I say and do. Sometimes I might have to bite my tongue, but things will go a lot better if I remember to mind my own business and "Live and let live".

Getting in touch with my higher power can happen anywhere and anytime. When I try to make contact in the morning, it gets me ready for the whole day. Saying thanks and asking for His help reminds me that He's the strength behind everything I do today.

Life is full of choices, especially when I'm ready to move out into the world. It's not easy to make decisions by myself. Today I'll ask for help from my higher power "God".

Making excuses is selfish. When I do it, I'm only trying to cover myself. being honest- to be responsible for my actions is what works for me. It takes less energy to tell the truth and it works out better for everybody.

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Footsteps said...

That's wisdom. We need daily reminders though. It's too easy to react -instead of choosing our actions when life starts flying fast.

But,it lives SO much better when we float more and fight less... when we quit trying to "change" anyone but ourselves (and let God take the lead on that one)...

Anonymous said...

good is much better that way...and thank you for the comment on my poem The willow..I just started using Helium...

Tomas Karkalas said...

you are right. Making excuses is selfish for sure, but what am I to do? While reading your wonderful post, while browsing through your unforgettable blog, I was touched by mysterious peace that have changed everything. Instead of trying to criticize other people, I am sending my hearty wishes to you. Thank you, dear Terry.