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Monday, March 3, 2008

The future is bright

The future is bright

The future is bright. Because the future is created by
positive people.

Those who are negative make a lot of noise about how bad
things are. Those who are positive quietly and steadily make
a lot of real improvements and contributions to life.

There are always problems and there are always challenges.
And there are always people willing to transform those
challenges into great opportunities.

Those who have the courage, commitment and discipline to
follow their own best dreams, bring the rest of the world
along with them. Those who choose to do the best they can
with what they have, create a better life for everyone.

For every high-profile guru of doom who wails about how
hopeless and unfair life is, there are millions of others
working tirelessly to make life better than ever. For every
frightening crisis that is breathlessly reported, there are
millions of real, meaningful success stories that don't get
noticed, but that do have enormous positive influence.

Negative people obsess over the past while positive people
work their way eagerly toward the future. Life gets better
and better when you choose to make it so, and the future is
bright indeed.

Ralph Marston

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