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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Reasoning with oneself

Reasoning with oneself,
My mother always told me and still continues to tells me that there is a reason for everything. Reasoning with oneself about everything around you and thata even happening with you physically, "There is a reason for it". It can become mind bloging and confusing and even drive one crazy.

Just as my reality check I am also constantly reasoning with myself. "Why did I get ringworm?"..."why is it that I am always in pain?"..."Why did I become disabled?"... "why did I become homeless, jobless, this feeling of emptiness, and sadness, depressed, and many, many more things thats happened around me and physically?". Questions, questions, questions and reasoning, reasoning and reasoning...its like I've been hit with a mac truck. I know the answers to everyone of them, and completing each task, but its like climbing a mountain, I've made it more difficult for myself with my addictions that constantly get in my way.

My thoughts sometimes drive me crazy or scare me and thats why I admire my oldest daughter's strength. She has faith and even know I know she has very bad days she pulls herself out with her higher power and stays positive.

Reading self motivated books, and listening to them are very helpful for me and pull me up and allows me to move forward. You can even search online self motivating websites.

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1 comment:

Little Wing said...

I have faith in you.
I believe you will come out the other end of this tunnel a much stronger woman.