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Monday, November 5, 2007

More & More Women becoming involved with FISHING

I have more pictures but they got miss place in my computer, I will post them as soon as I find them, this wont be the last time I blog about fishing, its one of my favorite hobbies,,,
I've been fishing for a long time, this picture was taken in 1966...

Thats the back of my sisters head, she doesnt like her picture taken, but isnt that a beautiful lake? Thats Paradise Lake.

Proof that I can catch fish, this is the Paradise lake only 20 minutes away from the town I live in.

See the line snagged in this tree? Nope, not my

This is the Sacramento River overflow, and it has an old dock that we sit on and fish off, but you have to be careful when you cast your line in, or your line will get snagged up into those trees...if your able to climb trees over rivers, this is a great place to rescue lures and

We caught a lot of croppy fish here, they hang out right under the cliff of this spot.

A beautiful site with such an awsome view !!! This is the Sacramento river overflow.

This tree across the river is famous for stealing lures, for some reason when I cast my line out, it goes to far and gets snagged on that tree. So when I was able to get my boyfriend to put the canoe into this river, we went over to see if we could find my expensive lures and someone got to the tree before we did because thier wer'nt any lures just one bobber. I wanted to scream, but I held it

Tell me if this fishing spot does'nt look like their are any fish hear...

My Favorite Fishing spot, even if I don't catch anything I still think its a peaceful place to throw a line in.

I think more and more women are becoming fisherman, me and my twin sister Tammy go fishing every chance we can. Our favorite fishing spots are some of these photos I am placing into this blog. When we go fishing we seem to bump into other women who are fishing and have caught large bass and salmon fish. I think its very relaxing and peaceful, and I wish I could fish more often.

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