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Saturday, November 24, 2007

A gift

A gift that is fully used is a gift that is truly
appreciated. If you are sincerely thankful for the abundance
in your life, then make something beautiful out of it.

Don't make the mistake of hoarding or hiding away those
things for which you are most thankful. For if you keep them
stashed away in the dark, they will fade away into nothing.

Instead, keep your abundance out in the open where you can
give it life from moment to moment. The more you make use of
it, the more valuable it will become.

Go beyond merely counting your blessings. Take them out,
immerse yourself in their value, and bring them more fully
to life each day.

What you're able to make use of most passionately and
effectively will then come to you in even greater abundance.
The best way to be thankful for anything is to completely
and purposefully put it to use.

The abundance you experience today is but a mere seed of
what can be. With each moment, nourish that seed and be
amazed at how magnificently it can grow.

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