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Thursday, October 25, 2007

"Mitsu Fuso Cantor Eco-D Concept"


I was reading boing boing’s web page, it seems to be the attention getter. they have everything listed on the page that is eye catching and interesting. today on boing boing gadgets was a vehicle that looked simpler to a box. everyone has their differences in taste for looks in a vehicle. I think that as the years roll by everything turns into a boxy form. all the 2007 vehicles are boxy looking, big and bold. the mitsubishi fuso dump truck, you can’t even tell weather its coming or going, which is the front side, or are we looking at the back side.

the tokyo auto show turned out to be one of the most exciting years, with tons of great concept cars (not to mention the introduction of the nissan gt-r). the latest was the fuso cantor “eco-d” concept dump truck from mitsubishi. the fuso is one of the greatest truck brands of the world, used for a variety of purposes. it does remind me of a tonka truck, the presser is all in japanese, so we can’t regale you with tales of whatever brand of hybrization that’s going on under all that shiny metal, but who would of guess that it would be a diesel truck. they call it “Mitsu fuso cantor eco-d concept” what a long name for such a small vehicle. check out the picture and let me know if you can tell the front from the back.

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