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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Faking Happiness

Have you meant anyone that to you seem to be faking their happiness? As they brag on their beautiful home, their great job, their beautifully behaved children and their hunk of a man husband? I have not experienced this, is anybody actually that happy? I've had a lot of time to think about my lifestyle and where I came to be (most recently the gutter) and realized that happiness comes from your heart and not exactly what happens around you. Your children could be perfect, husband addored and house of a manison and that person could still be deeply depressed, crazed and confused.

Take my life for example, if you've read any of my other blogs you would know that I am deeply depressed, but my lifestyle is living here and there. I thikn sometimes, and I don't know why, or can explain it, but I feel as if I want to stay depressed. Its hard to explain, and its not about attention, but the feelings come from my inner core and have recently come to the surface, sometimes they even scare me, like its not even me, or maybe its that damn menopause...

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