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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Global Hug Tour

Objective:We believe through opening our hearts and celebrating our global connectivity, bridges and understanding can be built between us.
Blogger's Unite! Please take time to blog about this amazing cause and let people know about the Global Hug Tour! I know we're announcing this not too far in advance, but the Global Hug Tour is going to be trying to raise millions of dollars beginning the week of May, 11th and we'd love to generate some support and some buzz before then.Here's some info on the cause; go and check out their site for more detailed information: Inspire Me Today Founder Gail Lynne Goodwin and her husband Darryl will take off in a small prop plane from Colorado to circumnavigate the globe and literally hug the world. The tour will stop in 45 locations over a period of five months.On a personal mission to make a difference, they will be:* Delivering an estimated $1,000,000 to important causes throughout the tour raised through grassroots contributions from people like you* Giving at least 2,000 hugs in each location to literally wrap the world in 100,000 hugs* Gathering great wisdom, inspiration and brilliance from leaders and luminaries in the far reaches of the globe to bring back and share on InspireMeToday.comHow you can helpFor a $10 contribution, you will have the opportunity to become an official Hug Ambassador, sponsor the delivery of a hug and to choose the city and cause where your donation will make a difference - from Chennai, India, to support the efforts of Dr. Mani's Children's Heart Foundation where just 100 hugs - or $1000 - will save the life of a child; to a preserve in Chiang Mai, Thailand to help rebuild the threatened elephant population; or to Siem Reap, Cambodia where a mere 2 hugs will fund a years education for a child!Your hug recipient will be given a sticker with the number of their hug and a unique code. By logging on to, givers and receivers - people from all around the world - will have the opportunity to connect with one another.You'll know that your hug went to Johan in Sweden, Sujatmi in Indonesia or Naresh in India, and have the opportunity to connect and build friendships across the world.Please help us give 100,000 hugs around the world and $1,000,000 to our partner organizations by sponsoring a hug today!
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