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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Carb-Counting Helpers

Let these pocket-size gadgets do the number crunching for you to track your carb intake and see counts for your favorite foods.

1. Coheso Trace 3 Diabetes Carb Counter & Planner;
Helps you look up nutrition information for more than 50,000 foods, then calulates the calories, carbs and other nutrients and tracks your intake. Also use it to log blood glucose readings, insulin, and other medications, as well as execise. The device stores your records for 12 months and comes with equipment to download data to your computer and create reports and charts.

2. Diabetes Pilot;
For iphone (and ipod Touch) is a downloadable application that tracks your calories, carbs, and other nutrients based on an intergrated food databased with about 7,000 foods. It also tracks blood glucose results, insulin and other medications, execise, blood pressure, and more- plus it analyzes your data. Use the software in combination with desktop-computer version to print reports and graphs.
11.99 (device sold separately)

3.Robi Nutrition Assistant;
Is a digtal diary that counts calories, carbs, fiber, protien, and fat, than compares your daily intake to goals you set, calulates daily averages, and stores records for 31 days. Choose from database of 853 foods, or enter nutrition for up to 100 of your own foods.

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Auntie E said...

Oh I like the first and last one. The last one would make a great present for my daughter. I just need to find out where to get it. I would like both.
Auntie E's Kitchen

smplcv said...

Wonderful site..loved the Diabetes Pilot and going to order it right away! cheers!

Retail Manager CV