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Monday, May 12, 2008

Moving Forward

Moving Forward

Acknowledge your anger, feel it fully, allow it to be, and
then quickly move beyond it. Instead of fighting against
your anger or letting it control you, choose to experience
it and then let it go.

When you hold on to anger, it drags you down. By allowing
and then quickly dropping the anger, you put yourself in a
powerful position to deal with whatever brought about that

Anger can get your attention and get you going. Yet if you
hold it for long it will surely hold you back.

Sometimes your anger may be valid and other times it may
not. Whether it is valid or not, anger almost always makes
you much less effective and hinders your ability to move

Anger often perpetuates and strengthens those very things at
which it is directed. So the best strategy is to first let
it be and then let it go.

Decide to be strong and effective, to put your energy into
moving forward. Drop the anger and raise yourself to a
higher level of positive control and effectiveness.

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